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7 of the Top Online Courses to Enhance Your Skills

7 of the Top Online Courses to Enhance Your Skills

Many of us made New Year’s resolutions to learn a new language, try our hands at coding, learn the ins and outs of photography, become better leaders, and improve our skills and abilities in other ways. Now is a great time to decide what kind of education you want. And there are many great options to choose from, some of which are even free.


Ensure you know what teaching style works best for you before you commit. Some virtual courses are like regular “classes,” with interactions between the teacher and students, while others are lecture series with no response from the teacher or other students. Of course, not every way to learn a skill virtually is the same. Before you sign up for a program or class, read what other people have said about it.


Seven of the Top Skill-Building Options


When you’re looking for a way to learn new skills, you should think about both programs’ good and evil. We’ve caught a look at some of the most popular programs so you can get started.


Pricing can be confusing, so tell me if you sign up for a micro-course, a one-time course, a multi-course program, or a monthly membership. Also, keep in mind that numerous of these programs offer free trials or studies. Here are our top seven picks. As always, the prices can change over time.




A few well-known people who teach online through Masterclass are former President Bill Clinton, photographer Annie Leibovitz, and satirist David Sedaris. The education group has more than 100 pre-recorded classes, such as lecture series, audio-only courses, and a new format that lets students work on projects and activities in a 30-day structured curriculum.


In the new program, feedback is given by teaching assistants and other students. The majority of classes have about 20 10-minute-long video lessons. You will also get a detailed workbook for each course.


I was worried that you wouldn’t get it all done in 30 days? You can watch them whenever you want. Choose from the Standard, Plus, or Premium class programs. The main difference is how many devices you can watch on and whether you can watch when you’re not online. One thing to maintain in mind is that the classes are primarily about learning skills, but there is also a lot of inspirational and philosophical advice.




Do you want to learn creative skills like how to paint with watercolors, draw flower shapes, or write essays? Skillshare has become the place where creative people go to learn. Some of the teachers are famous, like writers Roxanne Gay and Mary Karr and multi-talented artist Laci Jordan. The instructors are what makes Skillshare stand out.


When someone meets its editorial standards, they can post information and teach courses. Most classes are less than an hour, and lessons are short enough to fit into any schedule. Skillshare is a subscription service that lets people take as many courses as they want on its platform. Prices change from market to market.




Udemy has more than 175,000 personal and professional video courses that you can take at your own pace and in different languages. Self-paced, non-degree courses are available, from management training to programming to yoga. Even though Udemy has a lot to offer, it is best known for Excel and Web development courses. Udemy has a wide range of business courses.


You can get to courses in different ways. You can either pay for each class separately or get a membership. Udemy also has business memberships and programs backed by companies like Volkswagen, Aflac, and others. Another service is training for employees. Free services are suitable for both personal and business clients.




When you sign up for Coursera, you can take more than 5,000 free and paid courses taught by professors from Yale University, Duke University, University of London, and other top schools. There are about 1,700 free courses to upgrade to get a certificate. Students can even use the platform to take classes at their current university.


There are many ways to learn, like courses, guided projects, specialized series of classes, professional certificates, and online master’s degree program modules that you can use as credit toward a degree. Even bachelor’s and master’s degrees can be used on this platform.




Codecademy is an excellent option to learn technical skills like JavaScript and HTML. Like some of its competitors, the platform gives away free courses, such as one that teaches you how to program.


Not sure what you need to know? Codecademy has a quiz that helps you figure out which of the 15 skills and languages you should learn. Codecademy offers different memberships, such as Pro, Business, and Pro Student. Don’t miss their free courses if you want to improve your tech skills.




You probably don’t think of North Indian classical music or Style and Strategy in French fashion when you think of gaining knowledge and skills about creativity. These are just some of the advanced courses that Kadenze has to offer.


Some of the platform partners are the Paris College of Art and the California Institute of the Arts. Kadenze says that the micro-courses, standard courses, and curated programs will change your career whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced.


Yale Online


Yale Online gives you that chance if you’ve always wanted to learn from professors at an Ivy League school. If you’re going to learn about Climate Adaptation for Human Health or American Contract Law, Yale probably has an online course. They don’t teach “nuts and bolts” skills, but business leaders and executives should study financial economics and other social science topics.

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