A Guide For Affiliate Marketing Newbies

A Guide For Affiliate Marketing Newbies

Affiliate marketing lets publishers get paid for the part they play in the shopping journeys of their readers. If a publisher puts an affiliate link to a merchant in their content, they will get a commission for every sale from someone clicking on the affiliate link and going straight to the merchant. Publishers can put as many affiliate links as they want in an article, but they have to build each one by hand, which can take a long time.


But if they work with Skimlinks, they can turn every link on their website to a merchant into an affiliate link and start getting paid when their content leads to a sale.


Affiliate marketing is easy and can be very profitable if you do it the right way from the start. So, based on what we’ve learned from working with thousands of publishers, this post is meant to help new publishers get started and find ways to make money from their content.


Start with your strongest skill.


The best publishers make a lot of money from their content. But that didn’t happen all at once, and the publishers didn’t start by trying to write about everything. Instead, the perfect way to get started is to write about specific products you know about.


Consider your editorial material, the themes and trends that you currently write about, and how you may locate items that are pertinent to these. Making money will be much easier if you believe in the products you write about and are related to the editorial content you already make.


Once you’ve decided on the main things you want to write about, started making content about them, and started making money from it, you can think about how to expand the things you want to write about.


Produce Useful Content


Today, the most important thing to do online is to help people somehow. If you give them something of value, they’ll keep coming back for more. So, when you consider affiliate marketing and how you can make money off your content, you should ensure that any content you make is good and can help your readers.


First, you should figure out what makes your content unique. You need to know what makes your content different and why people would rather read yours than anyone else’s. Look at your engagement stats, figure out what people read the most, and use that format more often.


Then you can use it to sell something. First, it has to be good content. Second, to make it commerce content, you have to design the content in a way that helps people start the process of buying something.


So, whenever you talk about a product or brand, add links where they can be found. Language is also important. There is a 60% difference in conversion rates between the phrases “click here” and “buy here.” You can also compare prices by adding similar products at different price points so readers with different budgets can find something they can afford.


Your content should be valuable in two ways: it should teach people about the purchases they’re thinking about making. It should also be valuable because it is easy to buy something after reading the article.


Share The Content Globally


When you start with content, it’s essential to think about SEO and how you can make your business content rank well in search engine results. Forty percent of the money big publishers make on Skimlinks comes from articles older than 60 days. When you start making very specific content, you can use specific keywords, which are exactly what search engines look for when deciding how to rank content in search results prominently.


Theme your posts around these specific keywords, and your organic traffic should increase as your most popular posts get indexed, and people find them.



Make data-driven decisions.


Once you start making money through affiliate marketing, you will start to collect data that you can use to improve your affiliate strategy and make more money.


As was already said, merchants will give them a commission when publishers are directly responsible for a sale. So, when you’re looking for merchants to write about or products to review, think about how much commission they pay. If you make a sale, you’ll make more money if the rate is higher. You’ll have hit the jackpot if you can find a product you believe in and a high commission rate.


Conversion rates are also something to think about. A merchant may offer a great commission rate, but if their conversion rate is low, not many people buy their products, making it harder for you to make a sale.


You can get all of this and more with the Skimlinks Editor Navigation bar Google Chrome extension.


Some Final Thoughts


We’re sure that our platform can help you make money from your content, find products and brands that you can use to make great content that your readers will love, and get paid for your role in people’s shopping journeys.

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