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Affordable Ways To Learn Online: Get A Free Education

Affordable Ways To Learn Online: Get A Free Education

Sometimes, people decide not to go to college or university because of their own goals or ambitions (you want to travel the world or choose a career that does not require four years). But sometimes the decision is based on how much money your family has.


If you don’t have enough money to pay for tuition and living costs, this is the case. Some countries let students go to college for free, which might sound like a dream. Still, not everyone who wants to go to school for free can move to another country.


Some people can’t leave because of family responsibilities, ties, love interests, etc. Free learning websites and other cheap ways to learn can help. Online education is a world-changing idea that makes it easier and cheaper to get a degree or improve your skills.


Besides getting an online degree, you might wonder what other freeways are there to learn? What if my family doesn’t have much money? Don’t be afraid! These cheap options are great for people who are on a tight budget. Your life story can also help you learn something new or get a small scholarship in some situations.


Platforms for learning and free courses


Over the years, many organizations have focused on giving people who want to learn affordable professional courses on their terms. Online learning platforms are flexible to learn anywhere and on any device you want. These websites also help teachers and students work together by letting them talk to each other in private chats or forums.


But what does this have to do with education being free? Online learning platforms like Plural Sight, Udemy, BitDegree, Alison, and Coursera might not be called “free learning websites,” but they offer some free courses. So, you don’t have to spend any money to start improving your skills.


Less effort is required than you might imagine applying for easy scholarships


It’s hard to get traditional scholarships. Depending on the type of scholarship you want, you might have to fill out a lot of paperwork to show how much money you have. In universities, people who want to get scholarships are often required to attend conferences, write extra research papers, get good grades, etc.


Easy scholarships that are getting more and more popular are not the same. They want to help people improve their skills online by giving them some money. You can be sponsored by someone you’ve never met, making you want to do better in school. One way to find and apply for scholarships online is through Niche.


After you sign up, you’ll be able to find free college scholarships for which you qualify. The excellent information is that they are all national, so you can participate no matter where you live. Some scholarships ask students to write essays and give their GPAs, but others aren’t as strict in this way.


BitDegree is where you can look to find a small scholarship. A peer-to-peer scholarship system is built into this online learning platform. What’s the meaning? It means the small loans that sponsors give to people who want to learn but don’t have the money to do so.


Students can select which classes they require to take and write about themselves to get the attention of a possible sponsor. All sponsoring transactions are based on the blockchain to ensure they are safe and easy to find. A fun fact is that anyone can also become a sponsor.


Other learning resources to think about


You can get an education for free in other ways besides applying for scholarships or looking for free online courses. If you are writing the code, you should look at the documentation and formal guides. For example, here is a short list of some great free sites for learning about programming or coding:


  • Bootstrap
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • MDN
  • Plus a lot more!


Also, there are a lot of free mobile apps that can help you learn online. As an example, Duolingo’s methods for teaching languages have won over the hearts and minds of millions of people. The best thing about it is that its services are free of charge!


SoloLearn is also an excellent choice for people who want to learn how to code when it comes to free education apps. If you look deeper, you will find a lot of other free education apps for languages, math, history, and just about anything else you can think of.


Free education is more widely available than ever


Not having many resources doesn’t always mean you can’t learn something that interests you. Sometimes, it takes some persistence and searching to find a solution that works for you, whether it’s an online university degree, a course, a scholarship, or an app to start on your phone. Explore your options, reach out to people, and do what you want. Because technology has changed, now is the time to do it.

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