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How Can You Begin A Successful Career In Banking In India?

How Can You Begin A Successful Career In Banking In India?

This year, tens of thousands of college students will graduate. Many of them will be at a fork in the road and won’t know which way to build a successful career. Should they go to school for an advanced degree or get a job?


Would that improve their successful career chances if they go to college or university abroad? These are just some of the issues college graduates will have to answer. A career in banking is one of the many options for graduates. If you are a student who requires to work in banking, keep reading.




There will always be someone with extra money who doesn’t have a job and wants to start a new business and needs money. Both of these people will go to a bank to make a deposit or get a loan.


The bank takes the people’s extra savings and puts them toward the growth and development of the country. From the point of opinion of customer service, a bank offers things like loans, deposit accounts, safekeeping of documents and personal items, etc.


Starting a banking career


For a good job, it’s essential to do well in your graduate course. But this is just a tiny part of what needs to be done. The Banking Service Recruitment Boards (BSRBs) often put full-page ads in national newspapers to find people to work in the banking industry. All people who want the job have to go through a testing process.


The test for jobs in banking will include math skills, reasoning, general knowledge, and English. A descriptive test could also be given. Some parts of the reasoning test will be verbal, while others will be more objective. You can answer the tests in Hindi and English most of the time.


If you are concerned in a banking profession in India, you can take the following steps:


Consider if the banking industry is right for you.


In the banking business, there are a lot of opportunities. But before you take advantage of any of these changes, you need to figure out if banking is the right field for you. For a job in banking, you need to be good with numbers, have good communication skills, and have an eye for details. Besides this, you should also be interested in things like money. Banking can be a lot of fun if you like these things.


Comprehend eligibility requirements


Before you can start working in banking, you need to find out if you are qualified. In public sector banks, you have to have a college degree. In your last year, you must have a score between 55 and 60%.


If you belong to the reserved group, you might get a 5 to 10 percent discount. It would help if you were between 18 and 30 years old, depending on the job you want. If you’re going to work in a private bank, you will need a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and knowledge of banking and finance.


Pass the admissions examinations


You have to take an entrance exam to get a job at a public sector bank. Most of these tests are given by the State Bank of India and the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS). Here are a few of the difficulties you can take:


  • IBPS Clerk
  • RRB IBPS (Regional Rural Banks)
  • Reserve Bank of India Officer Grade B
  • Reserve Bank of India Officer Grade C
  • SBI Clerk
  • SBI PO (Probationary Officer)
  • SBI SO (Specialist Officer)


All of the above exams are different in how they are set up. These tests check how good you are at math, how good you are at reasoning, how well you know about banking and the economy, and how good you are at speaking English. Online, you can find many courses and books to help you prepare better.


You could need about six months to study for these tests thoroughly. Contingent on your skills and background, you might need more or less time to prepare. So, if you have a degree in engineering, you won’t need to spend much time on math.


Getting the requirements


If you want to work in a private bank, you need to look for jobs on online portals and read their requirements. Depending on the job, the conditions may be different. For example, if you want to work in sales, you need to be able to persuade people and know a lot about the products. If you want a technical job, like an audit specialist, you’ll need to know about accounting and finance. You should be able to give talks and write reports.




Networking is one way to get ahead in banking, just like any other field. You can use your network of friends and family to connect with people who already work in the area. Even if they don’t work in the field right now, they can still give you some tips on how to get into banking. You can also meet other professionals through job fairs and your alumni network.


Create the best resume


The CV for a job in the arts will be very different from the CV for a career in banking. When you work at a bank, you need to be professional. You need to show off your financial knowledge, business sense, and analytical skills.


You can do this by talking about any projects you’ve done related to finance, data analysis, or quantitative skills. You can also talk about how well you did on tests in finance-related classes. You can also talk about extracurricular activities, like public speaking or writing, that show your communication skills. Make sure the picture of you on your CV looks good.


Update your LinkedIn profile


When you update your LinkedIn profile, it is imperative to use the right content and headline. It should be modified to fit the requirements of the banking industry. You can also join online groups for banking careers to learn more about what is involved in this field. It would assist if you also kept up with people who work in the HR departments of top banks so you can find out about job openings.


Since banking tests are consolidated, and students are hired based on their performance in an All-India level exam, the recruitment notice is also sent out to the country. Students from business, science, the arts, and those in their first and second years of college, can apply. Go to to learn more about Indian banking exams.

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