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How To Live at Oxford and Study There Next Summer

How To Live at Oxford and Study There Next Summer

Last year, James attended a 2-week Oxford summer school. He found it intellectually satisfying and amusing. Most people dream of studying at Oxford. So, I’ll share James’ experiences and advice for looking at Oxford next summer.


What is the Oxford Royale Academy?


James said Oxford Royale Academy was the best experience of his life, so I researched it. Oxford Royale Academy (ORA) offers summer programs at the world’s top universities for ages 8-19+. ORA gives the most access to the world’s leading universities among UK summer schools.


If you picked an ORA course at Oxford, you’d dine in a college every night. ORA offers the most teacher contact hours (forty hours a week). James talked nonstop about his global ORA friends. He was startled by how simple it was to make friends and how everyone at ORA wanted to learn and have fun.


His course was interesting because of the many nationalities in his classes. He understood global enterprises and connected with people from diverse cultures. In 2019, ORA had 150 countries attend its courses. I was amazed since employers value an international perspective.


The Oxford University story


Living in college


Attending a summer course at ORA allows you to spend two weeks or more at Oxford University’s famed colleges, which tourists can only glimpse. James continued at Balliol College, but ORA offers lodging in other colleges. University College, Lady Margaret Hall, and The Queen’s College are examples.


Let’s see what an ORA student at The Queen’s College would encounter. One of Oxford’s oldest and most attractive colleges is Queen’s. You’d live and study in ORA’s halls and cloisters as a student. In its beautiful Baroque hall, you’d eat three meals a day.


Architectural historian Nikolaus Pevsner called the quad “Oxford’s grandest classical building.” You’d sleep and reside in the same places as King Henry V (who won Agincourt) and Tim Berners Lee, the Web inventor.


Life at Oxford University


You’ll live in Oxford’s prestigious colleges and access its premium structures and institutions. You’ll gain life-changing information at Oxford’s Examination Schools. If you’re 16-19, you can attend speeches and debates in the 1669 Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford’s official ceremonial hall. The Sheldonian Theatre is a beautiful neoclassical structure.


A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear world-famous speakers in a building designed for Oxford University graduations. James’ course ended with a black-tie ball and a three-course meal. ORA organizes final dinners to resemble Oxford’s Formal Hall, where grace is said in Latin. You’ll celebrate your hard work and successes in a formal graduation ceremony as an ORA student.




James says ORA is comfortable. Oxford undergraduate rooms are twin or single rooms. You’ll have a roommate in a twin room, which is terrific for developing friends (James and his ORA roommate are planning to attend again next year!).


In a single room, you’ll be alone. James’ room had a wardrobe, desk, sink, mirror, two twin beds, and a bay window seat overlooking the college. A corridor or stairway divides boys’ and girls’ dorms. Private or shared bathrooms.




James’ course description and ORA’s teaching impressed me. When I heard he attended a summer business school, I imagined he sat in a classroom and learned theory. I was surprised to learn he knew how to manage a business and had his business plan.


James spent his mornings studying genuine firms’ business models and discovering the most acceptable business solutions. James attended afternoon workshops to create a business product. He learned a lot about branding and app marketing. James had a hazy interest in business and no idea what to study at university before attending ORA’s summer school at Oxford.


He’s decided to study business in college. He requires to be an entrepreneur or work for a big corporation. ORA’s course selection is impressive. Architecture, acting performance, fashion design, and computer science courses, including AI, IOS Coding, and IOS & Web Development, are all available.


I wanted to be a filmmaker, so I enrolled in ORA’s Film Academy. Students shoot using the latest, innovative technology amid Oxford’s famed surroundings and create their videos. Taking a course at ORA is a great way to explore your future career.


This question bothers me. James advised me it doesn’t matter what you intend to study in the future when taking an ORA course. Living, learning, and dining in Oxford’s world-famous location motivate you to discover who you are and figure out your future.


The Teaching


Oxford Royale Academy offers exceptional, high-quality teaching. ORA’s tutors are Oxbridge graduates and business professionals. ORA teachers surpass what kids learn in school. James’ tutors were renowned and courteous, he remarked.


If he didn’t comprehend, they explained it in many ways. ACCORDING TO MY RESEARCH, all ORA courses offer a variety of teaching and learning approaches. Interactive activities, projects, lectures, field excursions, etc.


Extracurricular activities and travels


ORA offers extracurricular and cultural enrichment activities and tours to intriguing and historic UK locations. James informed me he had different activities every day. He visited Harry Potter World and the London Eye.


His ORA friends visited Hampton Court Residence, Henry VIII’s Tudor palace with a maze and Tudor kitchen. ORA students love seeing London’s West End witness its famed shows. Les Miserables, Evil, Phantom of the Opera, and School of Rock are all available.


Visas and Immigration


  • Oxford Royale Academy helps students secure visas if needed.
  • Oxford Royale Academy provides a page that explains which visas students need and how to get them.


Support for Students


ORA’s Pastoral, Social, and Activities team ensures your safety on and off-campus. They’ll make sure you’re safe outside the classroom, whether you’re playing sports, enjoying outdoor activities, or traveling on trips. They’ll watch you day and night at your dorms.


Who can apply?


Anyone can apply to ORA. If you meet ORA’s age requirements for each degree, you can live and study at Oxford.


How to apply


Easy application. Click “Apply” on the Oxford Royale Academy site. Oxford Royale Academy will contact you after filling out a form with your age and course preferences (it’s okay if you don’t know yet).


Arrivals and Departures


ORA provides a fully-inclusive coach transfer service from the airport to your Oxford college. James got VIP treatment. ORA team member received him at the airport.


He waited for his coach in a lounge featuring drinks, WIFI, charging stations, and facilities. He arrived at college by a luxury coach. I’ve covered the full Oxford Royale Academy summer school experiences and provided you with application guidance.

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