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Tool And Technology For Learning: Smartphone Classroom

Tool And Technology For Learning: Smartphone Classroom

Learning Tool and Technology make the smartphone a new database that can be used for more than just posting videos on social media. Think about this: mobile devices are one of history’s most crucial learning technologies.


Before the introduction of mobile applications, there were just a few options:


  • Find someone willing to pay you to learn it.
  • Get a book from the library about it.
  • Find someone who can teach you something useful for free.
  • You have to learn things the hard way by making mistakes.
  • Learn in school what you want to know.


There was learning software around long before smartphones were made, of course. They were like textbooks that you had to buy or borrow from your local library. You’re lucky to live in the Information Age, aren’t you? Let’s look at the best free Android and iOS apps and tools for learning.




An online service offers a wide range of courses, from web development to personal growth. No matter if you’re a beginner or an expert, Udemy Learning Tool has a lot of techniques that can help. Almost any topic you can believe of, like how to start a business, is likely to have a course on Udemy taught by an expert in that field.


With the Udemy app on your phone or tablet, you can access all of the course videos and learning materials. The Udemy app is free to download, but each course costs money. Some periods are more extended, so they cost more than shorter ones. The good news is that Udemy often has vast sales on many of its courses.


Lynda is a lot like Udemy in that it has a lot of courses in a lot of different fields, like video production and software development. With the Lynda Learning Tool and mobile app, you can learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever it works best for you. With a monthly subscription, you can access Lynda’s massive library of classes and take as many.


Khan Academy


Khan Academy is the best app. Sal Khan came up with it. Khan was a teacher, a business owner, and an analyst for a hedge fund before starting the famous non-profit. Time periodical named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2012.


All of its courses are given away for free. Yes, you did hear correctly. Learners can take as many professional practices as they want for free at Khan Academy. Most organization classes are about “academic” topics like science, math, and the humanities, but some excellent computer science classes are also.




TED is a non-profit organization with the motto “Knowledge in Dangerously Addictive Short Ideas.” Its goal is to share inspiring or exciting ideas, usually in videos that are about 15 minutes long.


The videos, called “TED Talks,” can be about anything from science to art to world problems. The TED mobile app puts all of TED’s videos in one place for learning and entertainment. All of the videos are free to look at and use.




Go to the gym and lift weights if you want to get stronger. But what do you perform if you’re going to get your brain in shape? The Lumosity Learning Tool and app can help by giving you a set of brain-training “games” that were made with the help of both scientists and game developers.


The brain exercises on Lumosity are all about improving your mental skills. They help you learn new things, focus better, remember more, and solve problems faster and better. The Lumosity mobile app can be downloaded for free on a personal device, just like the other apps on the list. To obtain the most out of the app, the user may want to sign up for a monthly subscription to Lumosity.




Books are still one of the benefits of learning about almost anything, even in the digital age. The only problem is that there are a million books on a million different topics, and some are better than others.


For example, which magazines should people read to learn how to use software like Illustrator®, Adobe Photoshop®, or InDesign®? Here’s where Goodreads comes into play. Goodreads is the Facebook of books, with more than 40 million users.


The goal is to obtain the right book, whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, or self-help, into the right hands at the right time. No matter what you’re interested in, the free Goodreads app can probably help you find the right book to learn about it. Users can read reviews written by other readers and post their recommendations.




Want to learn a language not your own? The mobile app from Duolingo is a great way to start learning French, Spanish, or one of 12 other words worldwide.


The Duolingo app lets you learn at your own pace. It is easy to use and works for both beginners and advanced speakers. Using photos and words spoken by native speakers, the consumer will quickly improve their language skills.




Were they absent from school? Need more help to study for the test? A tutor will provide some assistance. But the user can use the StudyBlue app to get access to extra study materials made by children and educators in courses similar to the users.


StudyBlue is a tool for learning that uses notes, study guides, flashcards, and other things to help you “conquer your course.” It has a study partner that you can take with you.




Think back to a time when there were many volumes of the encyclopedia in libraries. Now, everyone has Wikipedia. The Wikipedia app is a constant source of information about almost anything, from academics to pop culture. You no longer have to carry around several heavy encyclopedia volumes to access millions of articles.


But students are told to be careful. Since anyone can change an article on Wikipedia, most teachers don’t trust it as a source of information. Instead of using Wikipedia as the origin, look up the references at the end of a specific Wikipedia article and list them in the research bibliography.




Yes, YouTube isn’t just where people can watch a Pop-Tart hybrid fly through space on a rainbow street while singing the most stupid beeping for 10 hours straight. If a user types “how-to” into the search bar, they will find information on everything from starting a career in hotel management to how to tie a bow tie. Look for one written by a real-world expert on the user’s topic of interest.

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