Unleash the Creativity Powers Hidden Within You

Unleash the Creativity Powers That Hidden Within You

Being stuck at home can hurt you in many ways, including mentally, physically, and emotionally. Since social separation began, you’ve likely been stuck in a creative rut, which is a feeling that you and many other people have. Fortunately, you don’t have to exit your house to get more ideas and inspiration. Here are four ways to start thinking creatively.


Write in a diary


Writing in a diary is right for your mental health in many ways. Writing down your thoughts can help you feel less stressed and anxious, have a better outlook on life, and be more creative. Using fun and interesting journaling prompts to stretch your mind can help your mind go far beyond your home.


You can write about things you want or things you hope for, like where you want to go or what you want to do. You can get lost in what-ifs, like what you would say to a famous person from history or to your younger self. Or you can put your imagination to the test and make something up! You go to a coffee shop where you’ll meet your long-lost twin. What’s the next step?


Construct Something by Hand


Making somewhat with your own hands is one of the most satisfying things. And while most people don’t have time to sit down and make something every day, you may have excess time on your hands now that you’re living alone.


The best part is that you don’t need any art or design skills to make many things. You can cook, scrapbook, cross-stitch, and needlepoint. Any activity in which you start with raw materials and turn them into a finished product will give you an unbeatable sense of satisfaction and accomplishment and a boost of energy that will make you want to make more.


Get some space


All creative people hold on to the hope that we’ll be able to hole up in a beautiful cabin and be left alone to come up with brilliant ideas while everyone else leaves us alone.


Most of us think this is impossible. There are bills to pay, family games to play, and food to make. That’s how things are. All of the angry artists I know are dying for quiet.


Getting more creative means giving yourself time to dream. But it doesn’t just happen.


Find some time to let your dreams run wild. The Muse will be happy with you.


Pick up a New Skill


Learning a new skill may push you cognitively and physically in ways that feed your creative self, similar to constructing something with your hands. Learning to speak a new language, play a new board or card game, code, or utilize spreadsheets are all mental skills. It might also be physical, such as learning a new yoga stance, waltzing, or any activities mentioned above. When you’re stuck at home, your mind can feel stale. Pushing your mind to learn something new will help you snap out of it quickly.


Just keep showing up.


My friend Sean McCabe is a hand lettering artist, podcaster, and entrepreneur. He says that if you require to see results from your creative work, you should keep showing up for at least two years. And if you see results before then, which I think is very likely as long as you keep at it, that’s a bonus.


Have fun with it.


And finally, have fun making things that no one else can make. Stop listening to all the noise around you? Try to quiet the noise in your head to concentrate on making art.


Look to other people for ideas.


If you copy what a competitor has already done, you won’t develop a new idea. So look for new ideas in different markets and industries. Find out which businesses are doing well. Why Which businesses do you stick with the most? Why?


How can you take what worked for businesses in a different field and use it yourself? You might be able to make these ideas better. Getting ideas from other people is a great way to make yourself more creative.




If you don’t have the mental energy to think about something else, why not turn off your brain? Moving your mind can do a lot to encourage your creativity. Exercise gives your mind a break, makes your brain release chemicals that make you feel good, and gives you more energy. When you need to do something creative, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to do it.

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